Life So Far

This is a new blog. I don’t know you, I don’t know who will end up reading this, or what this will end up being about. But I want to share it with you. I want to document the whole experience, good and bad, whatever comes my way.

I grew up an only child. I’m obsessed with all things Disney, especially Little Mermaid. I love music. All music – classical, pop, rock, country, rap, whatever. And even if I don’t like it, I’ll at least give it a shot.

I’m in college. My life is insane. I’m starting pharmacy school (if I can pass my effing classes) in the fall and I feel like my childhood is behind me. And it sucks. Hold onto your childhood for as long as possible, because growing up kinda sucks. Example: I wanted to get a puppy. There’s an animal shelter near me where someone dropped off a black lab puppy who needs a surgery to fix him after being abused, and they’re looking for a home for the sweet baby. And I’m an adult with my own apartment and all that, and I’m still not allowed to get a puppy because of the responsibility I already have with classes and clubs and everything. It’s like being asked to accept adult life, but then being told you’re not actually mature enough to handle complete adulthood.

I have really wonderful friends. And a sweet boyfriend, too. I like to think I have a great sense of adventure, and I enjoy nearly every experience. I love the beach, the mountains, the city, and the whole world around me. I try hard to find the positive in everything, but I have to admit that sometimes I get myself down about the way my day is going or how I’m feeling. But as I get older, I’m starting to realize that life isn’t going to get better just because you tell it to. You have to change your viewpoint, or you’ll just be unhappy.

My advice for you is this: Do something crazy. Try something new, just because. Don’t give up on something you’ve failed at, after just trying it once. Certainly don’t let anyone else tell you what you are or are not capable of. Trust yourself. Usually your gut-instinct is right.

Above all else, find love in your life. Find it everywhere: your friends, your family, your dog, your city, your school, whatever. Just find it. Have a passion, and follow it. Let go of the stuff that’s bringing you down, and find yourself in a world of happiness. Misobey. Sometimes. Within reason.

Trust me, this blog wouldn’t be called “misadventures” of a twentysomething if I’d never made any mistakes in my life before. I’ve failed a test, I’ve lied to my mom and gotten caught, I’ve skipped a class for a guy, I’ve fallen in love with someone who didn’t love me at all. And I’ve learned from every single one of those things. I’d probably do some of them again, too, if I were put back in the same place in time. Nobody’s perfect. The faster you learn this, the faster you protect yourself from all the disappointments that are possible out there. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t wonderful people out there. Go out there and find one.  Or better yet, go out there and be one.

All that being said, here’s a daily post:

Today I got up around 9:30. My boyfriend and I had slept at my place (we lived in the same dorm last year and met recently after my breakup with another guy, and started dating after being friends for a long time, but have now been dating over a year). I got up and made myself breakfast before having class at 11:40. After class I had lunch, but I had to scarf down my food because I had a test at 2:50 and I had to cram for it in the library for the last couple hours before taking it. It was AWFUL! I can’t even express to you how awful my physics test went. Everyone in my whole class was freaking out afterwards because nobody knew how to do any of the question (because our teacher sucks and did not prepare us for the test at all). So, that was an awful part of my day but oh well. Then I had organic chemistry. Before I came to college, everyone said that this would be the most awful, difficult, terrifying class that I would ever take. They convinced me that I could not pass. Well, I’m now in my second semester of it, and I made an A with the first semester and am convinced that I will do so again! It is sooo much easier than physics is with my professor.

Then, at 6, I had an anatomy exam. This test was much easier. The test actually reflected what was taught in class. I love anatomy. It can be hard, but it’s a memorization-based class, and I can grasp what’s going on. So after finishing that test, I was starving and exhausted from two exams in one day. I headed home. My boyfriend came over in a button-down and a tie after telling me he was taking me out to dinner. Our dinners are usually casual meals in a burger place, so I was only wearing jeans! I had to change into a dress to match up to his level of dressiness. After dressing, he drove us to a local restaurant where we split an appetizer and each got a pasta.

It was delicious! Then we went to Target, and I picked up the Bruno Mars CD. We’re going to his concert this summer, and I figured that was reason enough to buy his CD. I can’t wait to go to his concert. I absolutely love going to concerts. We’re going to Darius Rucker (Hootie and the Blowfish) in two weeks and I’m already pumped. Love Hootie. I live in South Carolina, so what do you expect?

After Target, we headed back to my boyfriend’s apartment for some homework. After a quick game of pong at the perpetually-set-up-beer-pong table in his apartment with his roommates. My boyfriend’s roommates also lived in our dorm last year, so we’re all really good friends. And one of his roommates dates my roommate, so we double date and stuff sometimes.

As you can see, not the most exciting life in the world. But I still wanna share. And just talk. Sometimes I ramble, and I like just spewing out my ideas a lot. I hope you’ll enjoy reading!

More soon!

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